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Using a combination of data from 60 million learners, market research, and trend analysis, we have curated learning paths to help advance your career.


Essential business skills like critical thinking, decision making, and change management are crucial to your leadership transformation. With Coursera’s business programs, you can learn how to navigate marketplace complexities, build your managerial acumen, and take your organization to the next level.


Technology is disrupting the status quo and out to impact low skilled jobs through automation. As such, the need for advanced IT and programming skills will see up to a 90% jump between now and 2030. Coursera’s technology programs can help you get re-skilled or upskilled in emerging technologies, cloud computing, and app & web development.

Data Science

Companies are facing a shortage of qualified individuals who can work on cutting-edge skills to drive digital transformation initiatives. With our Data Science career path, you can access 50 skill sets across 15 unique roles and 30 proficiencies, and get acquainted with AI, Big Data, Statistics, and more to build a rewarding career.

Human Skills

Humans skills are crucial for maintaining healthy interpersonal and organizational relationships and for driving maximum work efficiencies. In combination with your hard skills, they can help you become a complete professional. Access a myriad of programs to learn the art of negotiation, effective conflict resolution, and creativity and innovation.

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